1. Tell us more about Malawi Assemblies of God

Malawi Assemblies of God (MAoG) is a church that began operations in Malawi in 1948, making it 74 years old. The church has branches in every region of the country and over 2 million members nationwide. The church’s vision is to make missions the driving force of every local church, and its mission is to propagate the full gospel of Jesus Christ (making Jesus known to everyone everywhere in the power of the Holy Spirit).

2. We understand the church will hold its conference this year, what is it all about?

It is true that MAoG will hold its conference this year, and we expect people from all walks of life to attend because God is ready to touch the lives of those who attend the conference. We will also have revival meetings during the conference days, and people should expect a mighty move of God even during the revival meetings.

3. When and where will the conference be held?

The meeting will be conducted in the month of August from 16-19, 2022 at the Silver Stadium in Lilongwe.

4. What is the theme of the conference?

The theme of the conference is “Transgenerational impactors”.

5. Why that theme?

The theme is very important because as children of God, we are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden, according to Matthew 5:14. As the world faces numerous challenges such as wars, droughts, and high cost of living, God’s children must rise up and spread the message of hope.

6. Do you have a guest speaker?

Yes, the guest speaker at the conference is Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche, the Founder of Dunamis International, Nigeria.

7. Why him?

There were numerous preachers who could have been invited, but the Holy Spirit led us to ask him to be the guest speaker, and God uses him mightily. Let us expect God’s mighty touch during the conference. The host, Dr. Andrew Dube, also the President of the Malawi Assemblies of God, will be one of the speakers.

8. Who should attend the conference?

Everybody yearning for an encounter with Jesus is encouraged to attend. People may wish to know that there will be routine leadership meetings that are not open to the public, but we encourage people to come in large numbers during evening revival crusades that shall be running from 6-9 pm.

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